We currently have a well rounded staff of Ten people with over 100 years of combined experience. They are handpicked by me and in addition to possessing the skill sets necessary to repair even the most sophisticated problems, they need to have something else. They have to enjoy what they do and want to take care of people. I would gladly put my team of guys up against any other group of Techs from any Dealership in the country. Not only would we get to the bottom of the problem in short order, we would also figure out the best way to resolve it without bankrupting the client.

It is about people. My employees know and agree that our job is to take care people. They know that our customers depend on us to get to work everyday. They depend on us to keep their families safe when they go on long trips, and they depend on us to get it right the first time so they don’t need to come back.

When you arrive at the shop you will see people who are always happy to help because that is who they are. It is my job as owner to make sure they have access to special tools and training and I take that very seriously. But most important of all I make sure that they are appreciated. The kind words on the internet about my shop are due to their good efforts and I give them full credit for giving me 100% each day to make that happen.


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