Emergency Advice

In an accident? First, move the car to a safe place! Do not risk your life while deciding who is at fault. If the car is not drivable, get yourself and family out of the way if possible so that you do not get hit from behind! If there are any injuries, call 911. Don’t be afraid to flag down other motorists for help.

Collect as many witness names and addresses as possible. I have seen too many cases that seemed cut and dry only to find people changing their stories later (often at the subliminal encouragement of their insurance companies). I recommend keeping a disposable camera in the glove box; take pictures from all angles.

Assuming that things are under control, but the car needs to be towed, we recommend BP Towing. 301-340-0111.

- For 1990 and newer vehicles we recommend Zamora’s Auto Body in Rockville, 765 East Gude Drive, Rockville Md. 301-294-1303

A NOTE ABOUT TOWING: There are MANY unscrupulous tow operators. Sometimes the police call a tow truck for you and you might be taken advantage of. When this happens you have the right to have the car towed anywhere you want, including the nearest side street, where BP Towing, AAA, or whatever other tow service you choose can take over. Many operators use police calls as a way to tow the car all the way to their storage lot in Gaithersburg or Germantown (from which you will have to pay a full tow back) where they will charge $25.00 a day storage.

If they refuse to cooperate and the police are still there, get them involved. If the police are gone or will not help, file complaints with the Montgomery County office of Consumer Affairs and the Police Department. Hopefully if enough people complain, the County will solve this long ongoing problem. If you are unsure where you want the car towed it is ok to have it towed to our shop overnight. We will try and help you figure it out from there. (We do not charge our customers storage for the first 3 days).


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